jascha ehrenreich

programmer & streetartist

i juggle with code since sixteen,

with cones, balls and rings since twentysix,

and life juggles with me since around thirtysix years.

i enjoy all of it.



  • wizards@work

    we are a tribe of makers, programmers, engineers, philosophers, activists, hackers, artists, clowns, and scientists.

    we are wizards & witches @ work, magically shifting paradigms.

  • metalab

    the metalab is a hack/make space in vienna, austria.

  • bitcoiners without borders

    working in and on decentralized systems since 2012.

    managed the bitcoinfoundation webproperties from 2013-2014.

    got fired when the statists took over.


  • magicshifter

    open source hardware gadget for lighting, gaming, sound and persistence of vision applications.

  • screeninvader

    surf the web, watch videos or browse images the way you usually do, then show it on any screen and/or projector.

  • mspg

    magic static page generator. used to generate this page. publishes to github, gitlab, and any other git-pages style hosting)

  • ???


If there is no license attached to code i wrote, then i consider it to be free and unlicensed