jascha ehrenreich

technomancer and artivist

i juggle with code since twenty,

with cones, balls and rings since thirty,

and life juggles with me since around forty years.

i enjoy all of it.



  • SystemCollective

    artist collective, building the Artificial Museum.

    our mission is to create, procure, research, disseminate and conserve (digital) art.

  • metalab

    a hack/make space in vienna, austria.

  • bitcoiners without borders

    is a DAO founded in 2011, working in and on decentralized systems.


  • Artificial Museum

    web-based augmented reality museum in worldwide public space.

  • magic

    jsomorphic jamstack generator, javascript, api and markup. batteries included.

  • grundstein

    the services provided by grundstein allow hosting of static pages, apis, osc, websocket and streaming of video and audio files.

    opinionated and purpose-built for magic, webboot and the Artificial Museum.

  • webboot

    a source of integrity for the web. unfinished. open source. dormant. contributions and feedback very welcome.